Axel Breinlinger

Axel Breinlinger specializes in German and European labor law in the private sector as well as in the public sector (municipalities and special purpose associations). His main areas of expertise include tort law and the general principle of equal treatment. He accompanies transfers of businesses and is very familiar with the influence of European directives on the handling of German labor law. Axel Breinlinger also advises on works constitution law/employee representation law on co-determination issues and heads conciliation board proceedings.

Stefanie Lettau

Stefanie Lettau is specialized in medical law. She represents physicians and dentists, clinics and other service providers in the healthcare sector, in particular in medical malpractice cases. As a mediator she also applies methods of alternative conflict resolution.

The Handelsblatt lists Stefanie Lettau also in 2021 among the best lawyers in Germany in medical law/conflict resolution.

  • Specialist attorney for medical law 2019
  • Mediator since 2015

Dagmar Dexheimer

Dagmar Dexheimer specializes in employment law, especially in the aviation and retail sectors. She represents medium-sized and large companies both in and out of court. Another focus of her work is the drafting of contracts from the initiation of an employment relationship to its termination.

The Handelsblatt lists Dagmar Dexheimer among Germany’s best lawyers in labor law also in 2022.

Dr. Bernhard Meyding

Dr. Bernhard Meyding is an attorney and notary specializing in corporate law, real estate law, inheritance law, mergers & acquisitions and financing. He advises medium-sized companies, family businesses and international groups. He focuses on real estate purchase agreements of institutional investors and private individuals, company purchase agreements, mergers and changes of legal form of companies, but also private wills and powers of attorney. International clients appreciate his bilingual documentation in German and English.

  • Notary since 2008

Ann-Charlotte Ebener

Ann-Charlotte Ebener specializes in medical and labor law. She represents doctors and dentists, clinics and other service providers in the health care sector, particularly in the area of medical liability and other liability cases. In addition, she is a specialist in the law of private health insurance. In employment law, she advises companies in various industries and executives on all questions of individual and collective employment law. She represents her clients both in and out of court before the labor courts throughout Germany, ranging from the drafting of contracts, contract amendments, transfers, integration mqnagement (bEM), warnings, dismissals, the drafting of termination agreements to complex questions of works constitution law and negotiations with the works council.

The Handelsblatt lists Ann-Charlotte Ebener also in 2022 among the best lawyers in Germany in labor law.

  • Specialist lawyer for medical law 2012
  • Specialist lawyer for labor law 2001

Hendrik Bourguignon

Hendrik Bourguignon is specialized in individual and collective labor law. For many years, managers and companies have trusted his expertise, especially in the termination of employment or service contracts, variable compensation models and all questions of works constitution law.

The Handelsblatt lists Hendrik Bourguignon among Germany’s best lawyers in labor law also in 2022. The Wirtschaftswoche awards Hendrik Bourguignon 2020 as “highly recommended lawyer” in labor law. FOCUS magazine again lists Hendrik Bourguignon as a TOP lawyer in employment law in 2022.

  • Specialized lawyer for labor law since 2004
  • Business mediator (IHK) since 2013

Joachim Schmidt

Joachim Schmidt is a specialist in construction and real estate law. He specializes in project development, residential and commercial tenancy law, real estate agent and property developer law as well as residential property law. Increasingly, he also accompanies private investments in residential real estate. He advises companies, private owners, property managers, project developers, property developers and estate agents.

Main areas of practice:

  • Advice and assistance in commercial lease contract negotiations
  • Conversion of apartment buildings into condominiums
  • Advice on the conclusion of property purchase agreements
  • Private portfolio management, administration of private property

Annika Blanke

Annika Blanke advises companies and executives on labor law regarding employment contracts, fixed-term contracts, dismissals, compensation models, but also on the labor law consequences of mergers, takeovers and closures. In collective employment law, she drafts and negotiates works agreements and advises on questions of works constitution law. In commercial and corporate law, Annika Blanke advises companies from the formation – in particular GmbHs – through shareholder conflicts to the termination of management contracts. In addition, Annika Blanke drafts and negotiates contracts for members of the board of directors of stock corporations. In addition to the aviation and wholesale industries, she advises in particular in the areas of personnel consulting, healthcare, bicycle manufacturing as well as press and publishing.

Susanna Grichtmaier

Susanna Grichtmaier advises medium-sized companies and executives on employment law. She assists companies and their personnel departments in drafting employment contracts, models of mobile working, company car agreements and vacation entitlements, including separation processes. She assists executives in matters such as severance pay, termination agreements and variable compensation systems. She has particular expertise in drafting employment contracts for American or British parent companies with German branches.

The Handelsblatt lists Susanna Grichtmaier among Germany’s best lawyers in employment law also in 2022.

  • Specialist attorney for labor law 2017

Christian Beye

Employment law, Commercial and corporate law, Real estate law and law of succession Notary
Lawyer and notary Christian Beye advises medium-sized companies, family businesses, international groups and their organs in commercial and corporate law. The spectrum of his clients ranges from start-ups to listed companies, who have relied on his expertise for many years and appreciate one-stop advice, litigation and long-term support.
Christian Beye advises companies from, among others, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Belgium, France, China, India and the Netherlands on the German legal situation and assists them in establishing German subsidiaries, enforcing claims in Germany, drafting shareholders’ resolutions, supply and financing agreements or acquiring shares in German companies. He also advises board members and companies on the negotiation and conclusion of service contracts of managing directors and board members. Christian Beye represents his clients before courts and arbitration tribunals.
In addition, he deals with German inheritance law with foreign implications, in particular foreign heirs of assets located in Germany. Notarizations, correspondence and draft contracts are offered in German or English.

The Handelsblatt lists Christian Beye also in 2022 among the best lawyers in Germany in labor law.

  • Notary since 2013
  • Specialist attorney for labor law since 2002